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am Kappelner Schleiufer

The Pierspeicher building was built 1935/36 by Peter Kruse as a garner. The architect Heinrich Hansen from Kiel designed the seven-story building, used for storing grains. The building soon became a landmark for Kappeln and a symbol for the once strong economic position of Kappeln as a trade center for agricultural products. This was mainly due to the merchant Peter Kruse. His 1898 founded grain trade soon evolved to the widely known company P. Kruse. 1921 the company’s name was changed into “Getreide AG” (Grain AG), later stores in Eckernförde, Kiel, Hamburg, Lübeck and Wismar established.

Cultural heritage preservations

price 2011

Pierspeicher before restauration

After more than 50 years of intensive use and a following period of no use 2003 plans were developed to tear down the building and use the space for apartment buildings. To prevent this tear-down the garner was put on the list of protected historic buildings in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Thus the Pierspeicher a cultural monument and is protected from tear-downs and major changes in the building. 2006 a creative investor bough the garner and developed a plan for the building’s future use in close cooperation with the office of preservation for historic monuments. With a lot of diligence the restauration of the old building that was far beyond its best days.

Little was changed in the outward appearance, only the windows were enlargened. This allows for a great view from standing as well as from a sitting position. In reparations of the masonry original bricks, left over due to the enlargened windows were used so as not to alter the building’s appearance. By such means it was possible to combine economic interests and the historic monument’s conservation. This effort was rewarded with the 11th Price for Monument Preservation (11. Denkmalpflegepreis). Where more than 75 years ago grains were traded now stands a guest house with maritime charm, a fantastic view and modern standards in historic brickwork.

Pierspeicher Today

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